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Agent selling brand

◇ Cci standard product (CP standard product)

◇ Bioaustralis microbial metabolites

◇ European Pharmacopeia Standard (EP standard)

◇ Swiss Solvias catalyst

◇ British Pharmacopoeia (BP standard)

◇ ChromaDex Chinese herbal medicine standard

◇ United States Pharmacopeia Standards (USP standards)

◇ German Phytolab Chinese herbal medicine standard

◇ Japanese Pharmacopoeia Standard (JP standard)

◇ Swiss CaroteNature standard for carotenoids

◇ French Extrasynthese Chinese herbal medicine standard

◇ Toronto Chemical Standard (TRC Standard)

◇ Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

◇ TLC standard

◇ WHO World Health Organization pharmaceutical standards

◇ MOLCAN standard

◇ NIST American National Bureau of Standards standards

◇ Indian Anant standard

◇ British Government Chemist Laboratory Standard (LGC standard)

Custom synthetic separation of pharmaceutical impurities

Provide customized synthesis services of various drug impurity reference products, drug intermediates and metabolites required for new drug application, and provide technical services for separation and purification of drug impurities, natural products and microbial metabolites/structural identification.

Import and export agency

The company has the right to import and export, according to customer requirements, at a reasonable price, fast delivery to provide professional import and export business agents. Import and export business agents include imported brand reagents, overseas listed products and instrument consumables.


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