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Bio-pharmaceutical companies led the research favored by the capital
Time:2016-09-14      Class:Industry

Medicine NET on July 6 times over the past week, United States bottomed three indexes rebound, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 4.72% nearly a week, p and the NASDAQ are up Super 5%.

Transition of the pharmaceutical companies gained nearly a week of 118.57%. Announced on Thursday the company was acquired by OPKO health. Opko price $ 1.55 per share (premium almost twice times), total price of US $ 60 million to make acquisitions. Transition its diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease and down syndrome-related drug is in phase III clinical trials. After the acquisition is completed, Opko obtained this piece of data at the same time, will also help the second phase of the Transition to androgen deficiency treatment-related data in the study. Transition date of the company's shares rose 110%.

Tesaro company on Wednesday said its Niraparib phase III access to new drugs for treatment of advanced ovarian cancer positive and effective results. Studies have shown that after using niraparib, carriers of BRCA mutations in progression-free survival (cancer cells to stop growing) has been extended. Company says United States food and Drug Administration (FDA), which also does not have radioactive drugs inhibit relapse after chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, the results will fill that vacancy. Company shares rose almost 1 time on the day, gained nearly a week of 99.6%.

Xencor biopharmaceutical company on Tuesday announced that Switzerland Novartis company reached a cooperation agreement, common treatment for acute leukemia XmAb14045 and XmAb13676 for clinical experimental study on b-cell malignancies. President and CEO of Xencor Bassil said, this data will help the company in future studies to guide drug development plays a key role. Nearly a week rose by 50.95%.

Meanwhile, nearly a week of underestimating the value of the field of medicine as well as many stocks rose. Among them, Colucid pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical sea cage in no event, driven by the company's share price rose by 97% and 57.96%, respectively.

Haweisite natural resource companies gained nearly a week 56.5%. Harvey at the company said on Thursday its Venezuela's wholly-owned subsidiaries will be sold to CT's energy holding company. Haweisite included in the sale agreement will receive $ 80 million in cash and $ 12 million for 6 months dealing with negotiable instruments. Meanwhile, the company is looking for opportunities to sell their assets in Gabon.

667 over tens of billions of dollars of market shares by market capitalisation in recent weeks with 588 stocks. Five per cent are Silver Wheaton and silver company, Randgold gold producers, good time, Brazil food companies and Brazil's Vale company gains followed by 16.39%, 16.25%, 14.27%, and 13.41%. 76 falling stocks, down the top five is the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, liberty global, United Kingdom Lloyds Bank and Ryanair, magnitudes were 15.1%, 14.62%, 13.97%, and 8.39%.

Sector, nearly a week stocks stocks all rose. Among them, led by former public utility, communications and raw materials, and ended up with 3.8%, and 3.23%.

Source: China chemical network

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