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Bio-pharmaceutical Thirteen-Five planning second half of trillion-dollar markets welcome policy dividends
Time:2016-09-14      Class:Industry

Medicine NET, July 4 recently, this reporter learned from the authoritative channel exclusive, biomedicine "Thirteen-Five plan" has been basically completed, according to related procedures, the plan will be introduced in the second half of this year. According to the plan, the "Thirteen-Five" period China's biomedicine industry will focus on developing major diseases chemical drugs, biotech drugs and new vaccines, new cell therapy preparations and other innovative drug category, while the development of bio-major medical technologies such as 3D printing technology.

According to planning, anti-tumor, and anti-depression, and diabetes, and nephropathy, and heart brain vascular disease, drug will is "Thirteen-Five" during focus development of drug category; in clinical in the has huge application prospects of protein and the more peptide drug, and new cell preparations, biological medicine preparations also will get priority development; also, biological 3D print, and macromolecules drug, and stem cell, and gene, frontier sex biological medicine technology, in future five years also will get great development.

In addition plans also proposed to speed up patent drug generic listing. Combating major diseases or outbreaks, such as demand, imitation, and system integration, research and clinical needs 20 to 30 big drug category, and effectively solving industrial problems, meet the urgent needs of clinical medicine, by 2020 the international patent 90% above copied the production of important drugs.

Worth noting is that bio-medicine "Thirteen-Five" planning in addition to the "Thirteen-Five" category of drug research and development and technical development during more deployments, but also the bio-pharmaceutical industry put forward new development goals, namely, promoting the international development of the whole industry.

According to planning, to 2020, to promoted a large number of biological medicine Enterprise achieved drug quality standard and system and international standards, which at least 100 home drug preparations Enterprise made beauty, and Europe, and day, developed and WHO certification, and achieved drug export; according to international drug standard, and development and promoted 10 to 20 a chemical drug and the high-end preparations, and 3 to 5 a new medicine, and 3 to 5 a new biological technology drug in Europe developed completed drug registered, and speed up its into international market.

Planning also proposed, to 2020, promoted 3 to 5 home based good of tertiary institutions and pharmaceutical enterprise joint established has high technology and development capacity of large medicine development base, earlier established national into Science Center and collaborative innovation Center, breakthrough 10 to 20 items major core key technology, preliminary established national drug innovation system and innovation team, and makes China pharmaceutical industrial system reached international advanced level, and contributed to part focus medicine enterprise in international market stand heel, To international level of sales revenue exceeded billion yuan on average.

Country strong strategy Advisory Committee told the economic information daily, reporter, developing bio-medicine industry is significant. On one hand, large bio-pharmaceutical market, China is the world's second-largest pharmaceutical market, 2014 drug markets net sales exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan in China. Current China has into aging social, 65 age above population over 120 million, medical needs fast growth, will on China biological medicine industry future development proposed new of requirements; on the, although China biological medicine industry scale huge, to 2014 full industry sales close 2.5 trillion yuan, but China drug of independent development still is weak, drug production to imitation mainly, original sex drug less, biological medicine key technology also and international level has larger of gap. Therefore, cultivate and develop bio-pharmaceutical industry, and urged the whole industry to get involved in international competition, will enhance China's overall level of development and competitiveness of the bio-pharmaceutical industry key.

In order to be "Thirteen-Five" during these planning targets planning also made a number of strategic support and safeguard measures. Which including: pursuant to international specification of drug clinical test quality management specification (GCP) and drug non-clinical research quality management specification (GLP), established or standardization international frontier of the drug clinical Qian and clinical evaluation key platform; optimization and perfect new drug priority review and fast approval policy, strengthened approval test personnel team of expanded; refinement implementation State on reform drug medical devices review approval system of views, guarantees drug approval.

Investment securities brokerage research report pointed out that bio-pharmaceutical industry as one of seven identified strategic emerging industries, and is of great practical and economic importance. On one hand, and accelerating the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry will meet the people's growing demand for health services on the other, as an important industrial, biomedical and chemical base is closely related to the manufacturing sector, enhance the level of overall development of the biomedical industry, promotion of upstream and downstream industries, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as chemicals also has a huge boost.

Source: China chemical network

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